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Knight and Day

I didn't know that at $20.5 million, the total weekend box office take for Knight And Day was the worst result for an action film starring Tom Cruise in twenty years. Well I understand that this action wouldn't match all the Mission Impossible installments, so what's new?

The thing was that I didn't expect this movie to have so many bad reviews. Heck, it was even compared to the movie Killers! That's how bad it was. But what do critics know anyway? Good thing too that I didn't waste any money on Killers. And I admit that I enjoyed Knight And Day more than Eclipse to tell you honestly.

My favorite part of the flick was when June Havens (Cameron Diaz) was explaining to her ex-boyfriend/firefighter Rodney (Marc Blucas) that Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) was the guy that she was talking about, and then Roy Miller suddenly shows up and says, "I'm the guy!" after Cameron mumbled, "He's the guy..." to Rodney. Funny shit! He started to become funny to me since Tropic Thunder (as the enigmatic and villainous Les Grossman) came out. Hopefully it all snowballs from here.

In a broader perspective, the plot's a li'l stale for me. The spy shit that happens in movies sometimes doesn't do it for me anymore. It was a li'l cool though that he's the rogue type.

Overall, a nice flick to just sit back and relax to...

Rating: A 7.5 out of a 10 (I'm beginning to like Tom Cruise, so don't question the higher than normal rating. And we're not allowing internet movie pundits to go along with their opinions.)

*photo from cdn.buzznet.com (that shot's from my favorite scene in the movie)


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