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Across the Universe

From Left to Right:

1. Hi, I'm Jim Sturgess. I'm really British, so I have a legit right to play someone from Liverpool. Although I know my Liverpudlian accent slips sometimes. I also sing quite well, aside from looking damn hot. My name in this film is Jude, which is a lame-o excuse for us to break out into "Hey Jude" later on.

2. Hi, I'm Dana Fuchs. I don't really know how to pronounce my name, but I guess it's all right to say it as "fucks" because I'm too damn sexy, and a lot of guys want to fuck me. I'm that hot girl behind Jude. My name in this movie is Sadie, like that Beatles song "Sexy Sadie". And yes, I am damn sexy. And hot.

3. I'm Martin Luther. I'm this film's token black guy. Because every movie in Hollywood needs at least one black guy. And my real name's almost like Martin Luther King. So you can tell I am really black. In this film, I play Jojo. That's because in this film, the characters are named after names in Beatles songs. My name comes from "Get Back", you know, like "Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona, for some California grass." And by the way, I think they based my character's physical appearance on Jimi Hendrix. I wish they made me use drugs, though.

4. And I'm Evan Rachel Wood. Yes, I know Evan is a guy's name, but I'm a girl. Blonde and damn beautiful. My name in this film is Lucy. Like in the sky with diamonds. I was also Marilyn Manson's ex. But you wouldn't know it just by looking at me. I look like a prim and proper Catholic school girl.

5. I'm Joe Anderson. I'm also British, but I play an American here. I play Lucy's brother, so too bad I don't get to kiss or have sex with her. My name in this film is Max. Short for Maxwell. Like "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". But we never get to sing that song in this movie.

6 and 7. Hi, we're relative unknowns. We doubt you'll ever remember us after this film. We don't even get to sing solo parts. We're just here to make the picture more populated.

*some info from IMDb
pic from allmoviephoto.com

Across the Universe. USA. 2007.

Rating: Seven and a half out of ten.


Fuchs is da fuckin' timebomb!

I think number 7's TV Carpio. Pinay. Broadway. Hawt.

@The Negation: Hooray for coming on board! Yes, I want to fuck Fuchs. Hehe.

@mumblingmaya: No, TV Carpio plays Prudence here. Number 7's not her.

Haha. Sorry, the poster's small.

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