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Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

This Discworld novel is about some bad guys summoning a dragon to usher in a king that they can control. The good guys, the Watch, will reluctantly save the day.

I read Terry Pratchett to: one, grit my teeth through old man's ranting on how the common little people are stupid and how the world sucks; because two, I expect that laughing my heart out would override all the cynical rants.

Unfortunately, I picked the wrong Discworld novel to make me laugh my heart out and sometimes, I just couldn't bear Pratchett's society-can-be-so-immoral preaching. It's like I'm not watching enough Law & Order to know that humanity is scary, Mr. Pratchett has to hammer my head in.

But forget everything I said, a Discworld novel is still a Discworld novel. It's funny and let's you rest from, well, anything that may be bothering you.

But, still, out of failed expectations, I'll give it a 5.

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