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A Tribute to an Endearing Genuis

Lol forgive me for my insolence but the last "relevant" movie i saw on cinema was Alice in Wonderland. Yes.

Forgive me also because I'm about to share with you... Charlie Chaplin. yes. And if you haven't seen any of the unfamiliar Charlie---shaved, or aged OR talking---then now's the time to continue to support the pirated industry lol.

Over a week's time, my parents and I shared and lol-ed over the genius of a genuine auteur. So I'll be stingy with you, encouraging you to take your part in movie-magick.

The Great Dictator

The Great Dictator is a classic charlie, taking auteur-ship to the next level as he plays both protagonist and an "antagonistic" hitler stereotype. What a laugh! I guess he figured nobody can do it better than himself. Very good decision though, as you'll soon realise why so.

Monsieur Verdoux

Monsieur Verdoux is based on an idea by Orson Welles. And if you say you know Charlie, then you know him less. Henri Verdoux is the next big step to breaking your illusions of Chaplin, comedy, and life in general.

A King of New York

A King in New York features Charlie's own son Michael. The kid delivers a blow to a system that is to this day continually being challenged. Heads up sheep! Lol.


And lastly, forget the many romantic koo koo designed to empty your romantic pockets. Limelight is hinged on true love, and contemplates on Charles' own life-career─with an energising slap in the face. How you will get that depends on how crippled (or un-crippled) you are with your own life.

On a consistently quick note: apart from being an overall hero, Charles is similarly a hero in selecting his lead women. Watta chap! We simply love and adore him :)

And haven't I told you Robert Downey, Jr. also did Chaplin? I think they both liked it. Oh yeah.

run pirate consumer (run)!

Out of 10 stars:

The Great Dictator, 7.5

Monsieur Verdoux, 9

A King in New York, 8

Limelight, 9

Another title, Modern Life, 7 of 10, for music and bias lol.


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