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"Major-Major" is the New "Bonggang-Bongga"

Anyway, although we are all proud of Ms. Raj, I would just like to point out the essence of the question asked by William Baldwin.

Billy Baldwin's exact question: "What is one big mistake that you've made in your life and what did you do to make it right?"

What that question really means: I know you're like a goddess, with that height and that figure and all, and I know I wouldn't say no if you asked me to your hotel room. But I know you're not a goddess. You're just human. And so as a human, I know you make mistakes. Tell me something that will reveal your human side.

What the judges want to hear is any answer that will show people that these women are not goddesses, but mere mortals born with beautiful faces and deliciously long legs. So any answer that goes along the lines of "I have no flaws" will not sit well with the judges.

Just check out Baldwin's reaction at 0:35. It's like, "Okay, wrong answer. You won't win. But I still want to go to your hotel room."

Well, if I were her, this is what I would answer to that question: I have not one but three big mistakes in my life. First is not pausing for a few seconds to think of my answer; second is thinking I am perfect; and third is using "major-major" in a sentence.

And although I have developed a new man-crush on Billy Baldwin, let us end this post with a picture of the most beautiful woman in the universe for the year 2010, SeƱorita Jimena Navarrete:

 *video from MrWattatoe on YouTube
pic from lehighvalleylive.com


maricar said...

exactly, she should've paused and think about it coz nobody is perfect, .. nasobrahan sa confidence at na starstruck kay william Baldwin:)

Troh, pero kahit ako mame-major-major starstruck ako kay Baldwin e. Haha.

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