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(This is one of those reviews I need to jot down because they're already rotting inside my head as I've seen this movie weeks ago.)

So, saying Slither is a homage to horror movies would be like making this review the same as every little review out in this hyped-up-democracy-on-crack-Internet.

But I'm lazy, so on we go.

Slither is a a homage to horror movies. Meaning you'd be a total idiot if you criticize it for its idiocy. That's the point. And Slither makes good points.

Because it's fun and it's horror on crack.

So there's this alien like thing that landed in some forest. Infects one of the small-town persons, characterized as a rich loser but who loves his wife very much so he's actually okay. Until of course, he gets infected by alien and turns into blobby squid-like alien himself. So he almost infected his wife too. But rich loser loves his wife so much that he was able to stop himself and look for some other woman to impregnate his baby alien-slugs and spread the disease much faster and more efficiently. Awww.

So alien-zombies plus love plus sarcastic referential dialogue equals weeee.

I love it when Nathan Fillion says "Well, now that is some fucked-up shit. " And he says that about every thirty minutes because there's funny or wtf gore about every fifteen minutes.

Also, this scene where there are bunch of zombies pampering wife of alien-infected-guy while the song "Every Woman in the World" plays in the background. Bunch of zombies and Air Supply? You just can't go wrong with that.



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