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Okay, you have to admit, Disney is the king of traditional animation.

This is actually the second Disney film to utilize CGI. The first was Beauty and the Beast, which was this film's predecessor. But here, they took it further, providing CG animation with the head of the Cave of Wonders, the pattern on the flying carpet, and the scenery as the flying carpet tries to escape the collapsing cave.

Anyway, this story is not the same as the original Arabian Nights tale. This has been Disney-fied. Go figure.

I think, though I'm not entirely sure, that this is the first animated film to use a celebrity voice talent since The Transformers way back in 1986. Again, I'm not entirely sure. Don't quote me if I'm wrong. Robin Williams as the Genie can get a bit tiring. After all, Robin Williams as a person can get really tiring after a while. Where does he get his manic energy?

And finally, this film caused this country to raise our flag high when it was released. That's because we have Lea Salonga doing the singing voice for Princess Jasmine. Just the singing voice, mind you, not the speaking voice. But still...that's something we can all be proud of.

*some info from IMDb
pic from linda4343.blogspot.com

Aladdin. USA. 1992.

Rating: Seven out of ten.


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And as you and I both know, Aladdin is Chinese.

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