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Eight Legged Freaks

(This is one of those reviews I need to jot down because they're already rotting inside my head as I've seen this movie weeks ago.)

After watching and being entertained by Slither, I can't help but be disappointed with Eight Legged Freaks. It just doesn't work on a comedic level as Slither did, and spiders do not scare me so...

There's toxic waste. Then mutated giant spiders. A smart kid. And David Arquette. That's the whole summary.

I like David Arquette (especially in Pushing Daisies) but he's the only funny one. And well, that scene where they were arguing about if the spiders were aliens or just mutated spiders. And spraying the spider with cologne. But that's just about it.

The spiders were irritating because they were slightly squeak-talking and the jokes were too... it was trying too hard to be funny it's annoying.

Also, a lot of the events were illogical. Sure, sure, I can suspend my rational belief with toxic waste turning spiders into giant killers. But when they tell me they can't use guns or light a match inside the cave because of some gas-leak thingo (methane?), I expect Arquette not to drive a freaking motorcycle inside the cave and not get blown up.


4 because I like David Arquette.


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