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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. 3D

Okay, let's get this straight first. This film is for kids. If you're an adult expecting a Pixar film, you're not going to get it here.

That said, I shall just turn this into an analysis of the 3D medium. Hopefully, my (still limited) 3D knowledge can be put to use for Philippine cinema.

1. 3D is best viewed up close. The closer you are to the screen, the better the 3D experience. This is because of our field of vision. When you sit on the upper part of the theater, farther away from the screen, the theater's side walls will be included in your field of vision. Viewers of course don't want that. That's why the best way to view 3D is on IMAX 3D. The screen will just swallow you whole.

2. 3D directors, and cinematographers especially, should always remember to use deep focus lenses. The rack focus technique, or shifting focus from foreground to background, is a useful technique only for traditional 2D cinema. This is because this camera technique works by trying to simulate how the human eye focuses on objects. 3D cinema, on the other hand, works by simulating reality. Everything should be in focus. Then it is the viewer's eye that chooses which element to focus on, leaving the other elements out of focus. All the focusing should happen in the viewer's eyes, not in the camera.

3. There should be a rule, like for every 3D movie you watch, you have to watch five 2D films after it. This is because you will get accustomed to the look of 3D. The magic will be gone. So if you want to keep giggling like a child when wearing your 3D glasses, do not saturate yourself with 3D. Of course, that's just me. But I'm mostly always right.

Okay, maybe some of you will not appreciate the information I just shared, so before I end, I'll just give my traditional-style review.

Character designs were okay. I especially liked the design for Tim Lockwood. He reminded me of Sully from Sesame Street ─ all eyebrows, no eyes. And I also loved the design for Manny, the cameraman slash Guatemalan doctor. Benjamin Bratt did a great job with the voice. Of course, how hard can it be for a Latino actor to do a Latino accent?

Hearing Mr. T's voice was refreshing. Maybe warming us up for the upcoming A-Team film.

Neil Patrick Harris, you were reduced to a monkey. That's sad. But it shows that you're a team player. Well done.

Baby Brent, who later became Chicken Brent, is possibly the most annoying movie character since Jar-Jar Binks.

James Caan, I didn't know you were the voice for Flint Lockwood. You had an Italian accent. And they said in The Sopranos that you weren't Italian.

Apparently, this was based on a book. Well, I've never read the book. So there.

Again, typical adults will definitely get bored with this film, so if you're not watching this with your kids, watch it in 3D. At least you won't sleep through it.

*some info from IMDb

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. USA. 2009.

Rating: Six out of ten.
3D-ness: Seven out of ten.


chonx said...

I loved the gummy bears :) Though, like a typical adult, I analyzed everything. My conclusion was it must've been really stinky there, especially the next day.

Did you watch it in 3D?

Claire said...

I love Jarjar. I only liked him before, but started loving him after everyone is hating. :P

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