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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is...lovely. What else can I say?

You can learn a lot about a film by its opening credits. And I learned that this is a DreamWorks and Wingnut production. DreamWorks is Steven Spielberg's, and Wingnut is Peter Jackson's. This means that these two are friends. And this means I am excited about the upcoming 3D CGI adaptation of the Tintin comic books.

Anyway, I will not spoil this for those who have yet to see the film. So I shall just limit myself to non-spoiler comments.

I saw this movie with no idea what this is about. All I knew was that this was directed by Peter Jackson, and this was entitled The Lovely Bones. That's all I knew. And then I just got blown away by Peter Jackson's storytelling. He was able to balance light and heavy, sad and happy, and any other binary moods you can think of. I was gripping my seat during the suspenseful parts, and Jackson actually succeeded in raising my heart rate. No surprise there. Hasn't Jackson proven his storytelling skills are worth millions after The Lord of the Rings?

Saoirse Ronan did an excellent job portraying the girl who...okay let me stop there. Spoiler. Wait, how do you even pronounce your name?

Susan Sarandon was great. It would be nice to have a grandmother as cool as her.

Mark Wahlberg made acting look so effortless that he should be fined. It should be a crime to be such a natural actor.

And Stanley Tucci, I love you now. He went to great lengths to make his character more authentic, even putting on a different set of teeth to alter his jawline. In fact, all throughout the movie, I was deciding whether he was really Stanley Tucci, or just some actor who looks like him.

Oh, and Rachel Weisz, you are really beautiful, and you shall soon be in my Crush Archives, even if you didn't get nominated for an Oscar. In fact, this whole movie got snubbed by the AMPAS this year, with its sole nomination going to Stanley Tucci for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

*some info from IMDb

The Lovely Bones. USA/UK/New Zealand. 2009.

Rating: Nine out of ten.


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