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Movie Icons: Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze may not be an Oscar winner. He may not have at least one movie a year. And his movies may not be considered box office hits. But he still managed to make his name synonymous with dirty dancing.

Patrick Swayze is like a Brazilian superstar. You could call him by just one name: Swayze. You can drop the "Patrick", they'll know who you mean anyway.

I also believe Swayze was one of the first male actors who didn't mind doing what was previously considered "soft," like dancing. And not just dancing like hip-hop dancing; I mean dancing like he's-too-smooth-to-dance-like-that-he's-probably-gay dancing. And that was already a big thing back then. So hooray to Swayze for helping push the gender role stereotype envelope.

And what can I say about Patrick Swayze? Mr. Swayze, you have a very beautiful face. When you were younger, it looked like it was computer-generated, even when modern CGI technology didn't exist in the 80s. And when you were older, your face looked like it was carved out of wood. Like a beautiful wooden statue.

Patrick Swayze. 1952-2009.

*pic from thesebootsaremadeforstalking.com


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