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Happy Birthday Claire!

This is what you call a "Chaka Moment".

First of all, Claire shares her birthday with the Virgin Mary. Which is also why her full name is Mary Anne Claire. But their similarity ends there. Just the birthday, and the first name, but none of those other virtues, like chastity, and piety, and all that jazz.

And if this was a workplace, this post would be like the birthday cake that your officemates would buy for you, and they'd surprise you when you get to work, and then you'd feel touched and want to cry, but even before lunchtime your cake would be reduced to crumbs, without you getting to taste it.

Claire is a little bit busy now with her thesis, dissecting that controversial blog called Hay! Men!, so she doesn't review as much (yet she still found time to pioneer the microreview). But Claire still is one of the funniest writers I have ever come across, in both English and Filipino.

And again, Happy Birthday Claire, and may you graduate soon, so that you can move on to greater things. Like reviewing films. Hahaha.
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