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De laatste zomer (The Last Summer)

Hooray for simple films that have no need for special effects. And also hooray for the European Union's eleven-year Cine Europa.

Well, it's quite easy really to pull off a good film sans special effects. You only need two things: 1) a great script; and 2) great actors. 

I don't know exactly what genre this film falls under, since I do not believe in genres anyway. Well it's basically a teen movie which discusses teen concerns. Like falling in love, dating, first kiss, first fuck. Et cetera, et cetera. 

See the kids in the picture? They're the stars of this film. So it's sort of like American Pie, only the humor is way subdued. In fact, I don't think this film is a comedy at all. Yes there are a lot of humorous moments. But that's about it. It's the drama that stands out. So I guess this film is a drama. And I just said I don't believe in genres. 

And again, see those kids? They're all really good actors. They represent the typical teenage set, all males obviously, with typical teenage problems and typical teenage angst. And the one thing they have in common: typical teenage libido. Of course it doesn't help one bit that the girl involved is sizzling hot. 

Hooray for Belgian cinema, for telling really simple stories, for not needing special effects, and for showing a lot of marijuana use without making the kids look like addicts. 

*some info from IMDb 
pic from cinebel.be 

De laatste Zomer (The Last Summer). Belgium. 2007.  

Rating: Seven out of ten. 
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