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U2. No Line on the Horizon.

How does a band sound when they're old? Like this.

Well, there's nothing wrong with being old, really. There's no escaping the grave.

A lot of fans have been complaining about U2 going soft and all that, but the fans are just looking for something else. This album was recorded in Fez, Morocco (how exotic!) and the original idea was to come up with a really experimental album, something new even to the four of them. However, the Moroccan air seemed to have laid them back somehow; hence, this milder, more mellow sound from the biggest band in the world. (Strangely, the biggest band in the world is also spelled with the fewest letters.)

So, try not to look for the Vertigo sound in this album, as you will not find it. Their heaviest track on this album is "Get On Your Boots," and one track out of eleven will not be enough to satisfy those fans with a hunger for heavy. No Line on the Horizon is more meditative, reflective. But tell that to the fans.

Anyway, they promised a follow-up album, possibly by the end of this year or early next. And they promised a new direction for their music, so there. Enough complaining.

Some info taken from popwatch.eu.com and U2.com.

Also try visiting The Captain, the biggest U2 fan I know.

Rating: Eight out of ten.


Unknown said...

enjoying your review, nodding in agreement when WHOA! a mention..thanks sting! :-)

so yes NLOTH is moody but after 14,000 listens (not bad when I had to have a week off) I say it is intense and light at teh same time. i do love it - today's fave track is Stand Up Comedy.

i like all the tracks. in their own special way. :))

tina said...

how has u2 stayed together for so long? is it 'cause they keep reinventing their sound, or something? don't they fight? o.O

now that i think about it, the red hot chili peppers are still together, aren't they? wonder how they do it... ^^

@tina: i think only anthony kiedis and flea stayed together the longest. U2, however, never changed its line-up.

yeah, it makes me wonder too. but i think that they still fight. however they are all good catholic boys so they eventually make up hehe.

tina said...

"good catholic boys". hmmm, maybe u2 is just unique. i read somewhere that they've managed to keep their marriages intact as well. coolness. :D

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