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The Prodigy. Invaders Must Die

"We are The Prodigy."

What a way to start an album. As if we've forgotten.

Well it seems that fans have indeed forgotten, since their last studio album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned left us in limbo. What sound would The Prodigy come up with next? Most critics have found AONO to be a bit too commercial, relying more on the repetitive synths and celebrity vocals than on the heavy drum and bass. I actually agree with them, save for the exception of a few tracks like "Spitfire," which remained true to the original Prodigy sound.

The Prodigy seems to be the Daniel Day-Lewis of electronica, with several years in-between their works, letting the public starve first before making their comeback. This time, though, Invaders Must Die shows us that The Prodigy is far from extinct; they were simply undecided as to what musical path to take. Invaders Must Die is their first studio album to feature all three band members (the great Liam Howlett, the crazy Keith Flint, and Maxim Reality) since The Fat of the Land, more than ten years ago. And they did indeed bring back their roots, showcasing their new sound as a a resurrection of 90s hardcore rave, complete with the heavy guitar riffs and headbanging beats.

Notable tracks of course are the title track "Invaders Must Die," "Run with the Wolves" and the trippy "Stand Up" (both featuring Dave Grohl on drums), and the distinctly old-school "Warrior's Dance." Just be careful when playing this in your car at night, you might get pulled over and searched for ecstasy.

Rating: Eight and a half over ten.


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