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The business of computer animation seems to be a very lucrative one indeed, which is why Disney tries so hard to establish its own animation arm that will rival, if not surpass, Pixar. Good luck.

These are what I have to say about the film:
  • Bolt is cute. I don't know what breed he is.
  • Mittens the cat is scrawny.
  • Rhino the hamster is the cutest.

Somehow, you can always tell if a film is a non-Pixar film. It's in the story. But in this film, the similarities with Pixar stories are quite noticeable. That's because John Lasseter (the same Lasseter from Pixar) is the head honcho for Bolt. So if another guy from Pixar heads off to Dreamworks, then it's bye-bye to Pixar's monopoly of quality computer-animated flicks.

Still, only Pixar can pull off a blockbuster hit without using celebrity voices. Bolt however, relies heavily on their star-studded voice cast, with John Travolta (as the dog) and Miley Cyrus as the cutesie dog owner. Oh, there's also a voice cameo by wrestling legend Randy Savage. But I'll bet none of the youngsters today even know who he is.

This film, by the way, was released by Disney. I don't know why I kept saying Pixar.

Bolt. USA. 2008.

Rating: Seven out of ten.


Unknown said...

i thought about seeing this (being a dog lover and an animated kids film lover - Toy Story? Shrek?) but the trailer just wasn't funny.

you, however are:
"..you can always tell if a film is a non-Pixar film. It's in the story."

so, should I rent it?

ps - my nepehw showed me 'Sky High' which I was expecting to suck - but lo, it did not suck.

Unknown said...

and ps - does miley speak like she's been skulling whiskey with a 3-pack a day habit or is it just me?

haha i never even noticed miley's speech.

yes, i think you should rent it. you can sense the pixar-ness in the film.

i have yet to see Sky High. :D

tina said...

i only liked one thing about sky high, this line at the end: "my girlfriend became my archenemy, my archenemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend." ^^ (um, hope that wasn't too much of a spoiler :D) make that two things; i liked the girl who turns into a guinea pig, too. :D

wow, i thought disney already owned pixar or something... hehe.

what's all this fuss about Sky High anyway? LOL :))

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