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Eraserheads Live! The Final Set

Lesson learned: Never be late for a concert. (In fact, never be late for anything.)

Well, with literally last-minute free tickets, who am I to argue, right?

For those who want to know which songs they actually played:

First set:
  • Magasin
  • Walang Nagbago
  • Maling Akala
  • Maskara
  • Poor Man's Grave
  • Waiting for the Bus
  • Huwag Mo Nang Itanong (reggae version by Marcus)
  • Slow / Slo Mo
  • Alkohol
  • Insomnia
  • Torpedo

Second set (acoustic version for the first six songs):
  • Minsan
  • Julie Tearjerky
  • Halika Tikman ang Langit
  • Wishing Wells
  • Fine Time
  • Pare Ko
  • Kailan
  • Back2Me
  • Trip to Jerusalem
  • Spoliarium
  • Overdrive

  • Superproxy
  • Alapaap
  • Kaleidoscope World/Ang Huling El Bimbo

After the encore, we already left the concert grounds. Then before we knew it, the four were back onstage, and they did a second encore.

  • Ligaya
  • Sembreak
  • Toyang

How could we have known there would be a second encore?! They've already rained confetti on the audience, and they've already set off the fireworks, I mean, come on!

Second lesson learned: Never leave a concert prematurely. Especially one this big.

Live but incomplete blow-by-blow here.


tina said...

wow. you went to both of their concerts. i envy you.

no more news of lito metermaid? ^^

i missed more than half of the second concert, and my brother wasn't marshall anymore, so no more backstage stories. :(

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