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British cinema starts off 2009 with a smart drama. The poster advertises it as "Trainspotting all over again," but that's just advertising crap. It's nothing like Trainspotting.

Clubbed tells the story of Danny, a dad of two separated from his family, his introduction to the world of club bouncers, and his eventual involvement in the dark side of his profession. The whole film centers around Danny's struggle, and I would like to congratulate the casting people for making an excellent choice. Mel Raido's portrayal of Danny, complete with all the bottled-up angst, is undoubtedly the film's selling point. Colin Salmon, possibly the only familiar face in the movie, does a great job too as the boxer-by-day-bouncer-by-night Louis, but still, Mel Raido outshines them all.

The title, I believe, is a play on "club," which is where these guys moonlight as bouncers, and possibly "club" as in to club someone to death (there are quite a few scenes of clubbings on the head). But whatever it is, it does not resemble Trainspotting at all.

Clubbed. UK. 2009.

Rating: Seven out of ten.


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