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Elementary. Episode 14: "The Deductionist"


If you’ve been watching Elementary since the beginning, then by this time you might have noticed that although Elementary episodes are generally good, there’s “CSI-good”, and then there’s “canon-good”. Well, this episode is neither.

"I'm bored, Watson. Can you find me a pillow?"

Episodes penned by series creator Rob Doherty are canon-good, because he’s the only one that makes Conan Doyle references. This episode was co-written by Doherty and Craig Sweeny, but there’s no sign of the canon anywhere (possibly because Doherty only does that when writing alone).

"I told you, the only canonical
thing in this series is my name."

So, was this CSI-good, then? Well, not quite. This episode was actually kind of lame. The Peeler? And his sister? Please.

The best part of the show: handcuffs and hookers.

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