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Entourage. Season 4


The theme for this season: Medellin.

If it were just Lloyd, it'd be gay porn on the screen.

Finally, the movie everyone’s waited to see. Admit it, you were all saddened when Benicio Del Toro got the part of Pablo Escobar. And admit it, you were all happy when he quit, finally giving the boys their movie, ending Season 3 on a positive note.

They also started Season 4 on a positive note by including Perrey Reeves in the opening credits. Told you she was hot.

But as most Hollywood suits in the series are quick to point out, the Medellin project has been plagued from Day 1. The more discerning viewer might ask, “Why? Why did Medellin fail, when it was like Scarface, it had Queens Boulevard director Billy Walsh at the helm, and it starred Aquaman himself? Why did it fail, when it had all the elements of a classic?” The answer is simple: Hollywood is fickle. Or “great on paper” doesn’t necessarily translate to “great onscreen”. And I believe that is what the show is trying to explore.

I think they're also trying to explore Dana Gordon as this show's new hottest single female.

As the cast said in an interview, each season of Entourage has some kind of out-of-town thing. This season, it’s Cannes, and the season ends on the French riviera, and a happy ending too, because Johnny Drama finally gets a girl he actually likes.

She's cute, too.  Like a buck-toothed beauty.

And speaking of Drama, I’d like to take this moment to say that Johnny “Drama” Chase is, in my humble opinion, the most well-drawn character in this series. Every line he spits out is golden. And please, HBO, if your suits are reading this, if you are going to do an Entourage spin-off, don’t do Medellin. Do Viking Quest.

That's Kevin Dillon on the right in the pink bunny suit. Hilarious.

Entourage (Season 4). USA. 2007.

Original rating: 7.0 / 10
Use of the mockumentary style for the season pilot: + 0.02
Ari Gold's crying scene in Episode 7: + 0.05
E's British chick who looks like Emily Blunt: + 0.05
E's new client Anna Faris: + 0.05
Drama using the portmanteau "clush": 0.15
Constance Zimmer a.k.a. Dana Gordon: + 0.1
Sofia Vergara as Pablo Escobar's Colombian chick: + 0.01
Perrey Reeves in her underwear (again): + 0.1
Dennis Hopper as a soccer football fan: + 0.01
M. Night Shyamalan: + 0.02
Snoop Dogg: + 0.01
Peter Jackson: + 0.01
Brian Grazer not having time for a proper cameo: - 0.01
Mary J. Blige: + 0.01
Sydney Pollack: + 0.01
Kanye West and his jet: + 0.02
Dan Castellaneta: + 0.01
Final rating: 7.62 / 10

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