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Entourage. Season 3


Like most great television shows, sometimes it takes a few seasons before the franchise moves from “great” to “classic”. For me, Season 3 is where it all really picks up. I’ve read some reviews on the web saying that the entire Entourage series peaked during its second season, and no season that followed was quite able to replicate its success.

Noticeably less sex this season.

First, I’m only on the third season, so I’d like to suspend judgment until I’ve seen every episode from the pilot to the finale. And second, y’all know better than to listen to critics who clearly do not work in the industry.

"Wait, does starring in a video game count as working in the industry?"

The thing that makes Season 3 great boils down to one person, and his last name says it all: Gold. As in Ari “Jeremy Piven a.k.a. Mr. I-Won-Three-Emmys” Gold. This show has no black-and-white concept of good and bad, because this is Hollywood, and there are no real heroes or villains in Hollywood. I guess if you were forced to name one character on this show you can call the villain, Ari Gold would be it.

Anyone with this flexibility is definitely a villain.

I, however, prefer to call Ari the show’s main antagonist. Yes, he’s a douchebag, but he is not evil. In fact, this season shows us his most human side yet, and his verbal exchanges with Lloyd are some of the most priceless on the show. And the episode where Vince fires Ari’s ass is still the saddest thing I have ever watched on TV.

At least they didn't fire Ari over the phone - which is
where most of the dialogue on this show takes place.

One last thing: Mrs. Ari Gold is really hot.

This is possibly the closest we will come
to seeing Perrey Reeves naked. 

Entourage (Season 3). USA. 2006-2007.

Original rating: 7.2 / 10
Perrey Reeves: + 0.5
Carla Gugino's legs: + 0.1
Seth Green's douchebaggery: - 0.1
Chuck Liddell: + 0.05
Emmanuelle Chriqui not appearing in every episode: - 0.05
The sheer number of episodes this season has: + 0.2
Final rating: 7.8 /10

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