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A long-overdue post on the breakthrough all-female-lead comedy.

The photo above can make anyone dismiss Bridesmaids as a chick-flick. But it also has balls some men don't have the slightest idea how to own. Let's see why the film is such a hit that it was even dubbed as "The Ladies' The Hangover".

All the ladies, represent! (well, almost)
It's no surprise that we have stereotyped characters to start the story with; even the two semi-lead guys are no-brainer black-and-white "good" or "bad". What's nice is how they evolved through the movie—some more effectively than others, though.

Redefine your first impression of the girls from the first photo above.

"I can relate!" (first-hand or from a friend of a friend's perspective) 
We see very grown-up women in their very real girls-only environment—competitive, selfish, and selfless at the same time, etc. That applies, by the way, to all girls. Every girl is, one way or another, one time or another, like every other girl.

Sorry, Chris O'Dawd, you're cue but the girls clearly take the spotlight.

It's a team effort, really.
SNL alums (Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph) pick up the cred mostly. Not-really-comic actors (i.e. Rose Byrne) also put in good work. The writing upped the ante, really—bride pooping in a designer-wedding-dress in the middle of traffic vs. cat fights all over.

Especially deserving of praise is Melissa McCarthy!

So why is the movie being a blown-out hit still a mystery to me? Maybe because not all jokes and puns are laugh-out-loud. Maybe because as a girl, the novelty isn't so new to me. Maybe because it's kind of predictable in honor of true girlfriends fashion.

Now I'm not dissing the hype this film had buzzing, nor do I object to the noms and wins it achieved. It's just not that all too much for me. But it has made its mark. It is, after all, very, very entertaining—hilarious at some points—to watch.

Bridesmaids gets a six-point-five out of ten. I strongly suggest not to follow this up with a sequel lest it be similar to how the The Hangover Part II turned out—NOT that this one is similar to that movie's predecessor. Puh-lease.

*photos from qfxblog.wordpress.com, moviesovermatter.wordpress.com, aleapopculture.blogspot.com, and prettypanda.blog.com, respectively


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