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The Secret Circle. Episode 12: "Witness"

"He didn't start the fire. It was already burning when he spread the flame-thing."

Whoa. Jake's at the infamous fire (because Little Jakey didn't want to be left at home then) but he can't remember stuff. He and Cassie had to sort of "witchy-timey-wimey" inside his head. And because of it, we now know that John Blackwell survived that night and the witch hunters were responsible for the fire. We'll meet Cassie's dad soon. Just a piece of advice to Blackwell: Please tell your daughter to stop barging into fires and rooms filled with smoke. 

Faye is on the brink of a drug-experimenting-confused phase. What with Lee dealing drugs only stopping after his girlfriend(?) had too much of it. Pffft. Also, all the parents in this show are liars—a very good example to the kids, right?

*screencap courtesy of VLC


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