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The Secret Circle. Episode 11: "Fire/Ice"

I want Cassie to be evil, not already-resident-bad-girl Faye.

Voodoo guy seems to serve more purpose than he should. He’s only up to no good. Good thing Faye is such a conflicted bitch; otherwise it’s a waste of an episode. But seriously, her selfish spoiled-brat witch-princess antics are really starting to get old, especially since the show’s general direction is still a messy blur. There's so many issues up in the air now that I hope the writers can resolve most of them seamlessly as the season closes, and also pick the right cliffhangers to carry over to the next season—if and when they have one.

Salvage points for the episode are: 1) We finally see a kiss between Adam and Cassie, and 2) Jake’s back. To be honest, I like him more for Cassie than goody-two-shoes Adam. Neither of them is drop-dead gorgeous but it must be that bad-boy charm.

FYI: This episode title sounds so much like a chapter in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but not really living up to it though, if that was the idea. This show's really in trouble, if you ask me.

*screencap courtesy of VLC


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