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The Green Hornet

"Losing thirty pounds sure has its benefits!"

If you artsy-fartsy freaks don't want to watch this because it's a senseless Hollywood action movie, the fact that it was directed by Michel Gondry might change your mind.

I do have some memories of the old reruns which starred Bruce Lee, but I don't remember it having a comedic feel to it. The old TV series had the same feel as Adam West's Batman. This had the feel of, let me think, Charlie's Angels probably? Half parts action and comedy. But this film had no shortage of laughs.

And we can thank Seth Rogen for that. This was the first time I've noticed Seth Rogen's unique style of comedy. Rogen's comedy is intelligent, but on the outside it seems crass and shallow─perfect for moviegoers of average intelligence. Most of the time, Rogen seems to just be mouthing off random strings of thought until he nails something funny, and from there proceeds to develop his other jokes, which actually turn out to be humorously smart. And surprisingly, there are no weed jokes or references. Except maybe when he exhaled the fart gas smoke through his nose.

But everyone knows he smokes that shit.

Great cameo from James Franco, by the way. Too bad he didn't last ten minutes into the film. But every second of his screen time was priceless.

Cameron Diaz still looks hot despite her pretty obvious aging. She's growing old, but so does everyone else on this planet. Let us now enjoy her while she still looks scrumptious, and it will only take a little imagination on our part to fantasize about her looking as young as she did in The Mask.

Just try not to imagine Jim Carrey in a green mask.

Edward James Olmos is old. But still good. Although his face looks really... old. Tom Wilkinson, on the other hand, can play old roles, but his face doesn't look that old. And I love hearing Wilkinson talk in an American accent.

Oh, and one last thing: the guy who plays Kato is NOT Harold from Harold and Kumar. Kato is played by Jay Chou, who is actually an Asian pop star. This gives new meaning to the words of Chris Tucker regarding Asian guys: "Y'all look alike!"

Above: Not Kato.

*some info from IMDb
pic from Pinoy Tutorial, Sensi Seeds, Obama Pacman, and Ace Showbiz

The Green Hornet. USA. 2011.

Rating: Seven out of ten.


Claire said...

Jay Chou??? Gonna watch!

Do NOT watch in 3D. Hehe.

"perfect for moviegoers of average intelligence" :))

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