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From Hell

Now I remember how I had seen this. That is, with DXM. Because it retained the "grit"─"cutting through flesh" or "wounding" feeling, which the film can account for itself. When these two get together, the perceived or felt pain seems to be more bearable... experienciable.

Mind you, we are no longer talking about "T/true G/grit". But, should you ever wanna experience real grit, I suggest that you also gobble in DXM (next time in small-er caps).

OK! enough of them dissociatives!


I don't know if what circulates around today locally in commercial bars, as absinthe, really is. But I'm verging on the negative. Two words!... three syllables, thirteen characters, LOL: M-o-u-l-i-n-_-R-o-u-g-e-! (Remember "13", for i shall be writing about it soon, hehe.)

Chasing the Dragon

Now "chasing the dragon" may have been an engaging, enjoyable ritual, but goodluck if you ever tire off or satisfy with that other dragon. One borrowed the term from the other and has entirely different effects and deemed to be a "lesser" pursuit yet equally as dangerous. Read on...


─is an opiayo-opiayey tincture. Similarly with the opiate Dragon, produced effects that enabled Inspector Frederick Abberline (Johnny Depp) to "tap into the collective subconscious", is another way of putting it. That is what dissociatives do─to "dis-sociate" from normal, ordinary perception, which every one of us knows too well. It is the unexplored consciousness we should be getting more into.


Ahh, my drug of choice! None compares to the gut-wrenching cabal of a few elite men or the lukewarm compliance of society as a whole. That’s why I googled, in good hunch, about the connection of Jack the Ripper and another murdering bedtime story─“Jekyll and Hyde”─and found it.

First of which, is surgical precision. Prostitution and sex, being second. Sacrifice, third. Fourth: bodysnatching. And lastly, for the first time, about drugs... or more aptly termed as “psychoactive” substances, or practically anything-you–can-get-addicted-or-obsessed-to-like-shopping-or-loving-your-family.

Lemme first deal with the last one, which is the "drugs". You see, Doctor Jekyll, being the scientist that he is, concocted a sort of red pill or red elixir whathaveyou, then drank it himself to sort off his clothes k/not, but/t sort of to “get out of himself” l8ly, butt knot two shores. Go ahead, ask me questions, lol.

You know in the medical profession, it is still best to study the anatomy of a really dead person than a plastic or animal or computer-generated, simulated replica. That is why it became a fad then to bodysnatch the buried, or the poor, the old, the useless, the prostitutes, or anyone the police or government should care for the least; the same way it is a fad now to sell one of your kidneys. Because it is profitable. Mmmm... Money money money!

It is just a shame when prices drop when there is high surplus and low demand for dead bodies during wars. However, security is regained through profitable arms dealing and natural eugenic depopulation, if not literally lobotomizing or dumbing us down with food and water or alcohol or prescription pharmaceuticals or hypnotic mainstream media or scalar weaponry, so that we can be zombies instead of merely dead specimens. Personally, I would like to be lobotomized. Because it fits my whole anti-government profile.

So did Ian Holm.

As Sir William Gull, a master Mason.

Or Bilbo Baggins.

It seems 2001 was a busy, celebratory year for the ritualistic dark cabal. But why would they print it on paper??

September 11, 2001 or 9-11-2001.

(9 x 11 x 2001) divided by 33 = 6003.

Tenth anniversary soon can be perfect: (9 x 11 x 2011) divided by 3 = 66363. Iron Maiden would love this number.

Now due to sheer length and scope, I shall now retire and postpone the connection to “prostitution and sex” through another review, via planned obsolescence. ‘Til next time, folks!


From Hell 9/10
Robert Louis Stevenson 8/10
Jek-Jek 10 to 15/10


Do you have a conspiracy theory for Planet Earth?

Meron. It never ends.

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