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The Fighter

We've all heard how Mark Wahlberg watched Manny Pacquiao to prepare for this role. But you won't see any of Pacquiao's moves or punches here. Wahlberg didn't turn into a Manny clone. I think he just looked to Pacquiao for inspiration, nothing more.

"Thanks a lot, Manny!"
This isn't just another boxing movie. This one could actually get Christian Bale nominated for an Oscar. He might even win it.

"This goofy face will get me an Oscar."
Yeah, okay, Mark Wahlberg gets top billing. But apart from a decent Boston accent, Marky Mark's just got nothing on Bale.

"Wait, did you shave your crown?"
 And the thing is, Bale seeems to do it so effortlessly. Well actually, he did exert some effort. Method acting requires effort, and he lost a lot of weight for this role (again).

An anorexic Bruce Wayne.
My least favorite character in the movie: actually, there's more than one. But they can be clumped together under a single group, which we call "The Hags".

See? The Hags.
 Also, hooray for Amy Adams. Dirty roles suit you better than the prim and proper ones.

Also hearing Amy Adams say "Fuck" and "Bitch" is quite jarring.
And before I forget, this film was co-produced by Darren Aronofsky, so like Black Swan, this also has some girl-on-girl action. Not as great, of course. But still...

See? Girl-on-girl action.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC and Online Bag Market and Parcbench

The Fighter. USA. 2010.

Rating: Seven and a half out of ten.
Amy Adams' new slutty look: Eight out of ten.
Christian Bale's acting: Eight point nine out of ten.


Praises most especially to Amy Adams! Hooray for MTV girls(read: wild)! Haha. I hope you explore more of the other side of the princess-y roles. I know you've got that bitch in you somewhere. Hehe.

And to Christian Bale, for the scene where he mouths the words in silent. Watch it and you couldnt' help but laugh. Seriously. Hehe.

Not so solid or original story though. I didn't even want to watch it because it sounds so close to "The Cinderella Man" or one of the Rocky films. I mean, how much variation can one do with the boxing sport as the setting?

But it was an engaging watch. You'd still root for Mark Wahlberg to win. And for everybody to be straight. Well, almost because you'll hate The Hags as well.

Seven out of ten. :D

Sue Denim, did you edit the spacing?

Yes. Sorry, na-OC ako e. Ang luwag kasi masyado. Pero binalik ko na po ng slight. Hehe.

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