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Have you ever seen something promising go down faster than you can say "crap"?

Virtuality starts off with a great idea for a TV series: A TV series about a reality show that documents a starship voyage to find habitable land in a star system near the Milky Way.

The crew is composed of engineers, doctors, physicists and botanists who are given Virtual Reality modules to keep them sane. Unfortunately, a virtual man starts harming them in their fantasies.

For some reason, this virtual man's violent acts cause the crew to push through with the voyage despite the fact that their only doctor discovers he has Parkinson's disease.

This is where the whole thing goes awry.

Some of the crew take to finding out who the virtual man is and killing him; which they aren't able to. Others abandon it and simply take it as a sign to "live."

They had to turn this TV pilot into a two-hour movie without closing it off properly. An accident causes the captain's death. The crew's designer and engineer makes a confession to someone on earth that he thinks the captain was murdered. The second mate is reluctant to be the new captain. And the psychologist/reality show producer discovers soon after the death that the captain was having an affair with his wife. So who then, killed the captain?

Is the capatin even really dead? Because the way the "movie" ends, it doesn't seem that way. It's like the writers were hoping they'd get a sequel or an actual TV series. Well, it actually looks like they do. But with a movie, you still need some closure of sorts.

So, because it's only this movie's first half that's good, I'm giving this 5/10. Too bad for Clea DuVall.


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