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Survivor 20th Anniversary Season: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 1

For the record I haven't seen all the Survivor seasons. I think I've seen only four: Survivor 2, 3, and 4, and some episodes of the rest.

So I don't know most of the characters here in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. The ones I do know are Colby Donaldson, who now works part-time with Rachel Ray; Jerri, the girl who had the hots for Colby in Season 2; Russell, last season's puppetmaster who only lost because the entire jury was so pissed that they have been conned by him; and Boston Rob, the man who scored Amber and the most famous Survivor: Castaway of All Time.

For the record, I hated Boston Rob the first time I saw him because he double-crossed my favorite Lex in Season 3. But his love story with Amber is endearing, and along with his turns in The Amazing Race, has proven to be incredibly watchable.

Heroes vs. Villains is the theme and in the separate camps, it showed that the Heroes were well-organized and set themselves up quite well.

When it came to the challenges, however, while physically being superior, it turns out that the Heroes were mental midgets. They won the first physical challenge, the two-on-two pseudo-treasure hunt/football challenge because it was entirely physical. They won the first part of the immunity challenge, but lost out when it came to the puzzles because of the sheer brillance of Boston Rob.

The highlight of the show, however, would be Sugar's exposing her boobies while running for a touchdown. Reason Number 27 why I want to be part of the Survivor Crew.

I'm pretty sure that Boston Rob won't win because of the sheer nature of the game. But for now, he IS the show.



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