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Up in the Air

I thought this was going to be a rom-com. Surprisingly, it wasn't.

And thinking it was a rom-com, I thought it would suck. Surprisingly, it didn't.

Okay, I shall try something new with my reviews. I shall just try and explain the title, and hopefully get it all from there.

Up in the Air is, literally, about a man who looks like George Clooney who spends his life flying. Up in the air. On planes. More than half of the year, he is airborne.

"Up in the air" is also an idiomatic expression that means uncertainty. When you flip a coin, you wouldn't know if it would land heads or tails when it's still spinning in the air. That's the same principle here. Uncertainty. Jobs are not certain. Not even relationships. Not even families.

Those things may be uncertain. But I know two things that are certain. No, three things. One, Anna Kendrick is cute, and she's a great actress. Two, Vera Farmiga is hot. Three, George Clooney will always look good in a suit, no matter how old he gets.

Up in the Air. USA. 2009.

Rating: Eight out of ten.


"Vera Farmiga is hot."

Praise God.

I know, right? Hehe.

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