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How To Train Your Dragon. 3D

DreamWorks is the new Pixar.

Sorry. I just had to say that.

Before watching this, I researched on it, to find out if it was converted 3D or not. I couldn't find anything on the matter. So I decided, what the heck.

And surprise, surprise. I don't think this was converted 3D. Any 3D film that has me giggling like a kid is Real D 3D. There were times a when you'd think the Viking ships would smash your face in. And there would also be times when you would tilt your head unconsciously whenever a projectile is hurled in your direction. And this head tilt is a pure reflex action. This was thick, depth-filled 3D. Not like Alice in Wonderland. Sorry, Tim Burton.

This film still employed the rack focus technique, as discussed in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. But that's forgivable, as 3D cinematography is still in its infancy, if not non-existent. But what really got me was the dissolves. I don't understand why American filmmakers don't like the dissolve as a transition. It's simple, effective, and looks damn good in 3D. They employed a lot of dissolves in U2 3D, and it just blew my mind.

Now, moving on to the regular review.

If Pixar doesn't watch its back, DreamWorks could break the Pixar monopoly on quality computer-animated films. How to Train Your Dragon, though, was based on a book. It still can't do original screenplays like Pixar can, but it'll get there. Give it a few more flicks.

I loved the character designs here, especially the Viking hair. The dragon designs, not as much. Some looked really cute. Others looked plain annoying. Even the Night Fury looked like a Pokémon at times.

This, I believe, could be one of the best animated pictures of the year. That is of course if you could get past the Viking beards looking like Lord of the Rings, or the dragons looking like those flying reptiles from Avatar, or the dragon riding looking like Eragon.

And Gerard Butler, ye dinnae work too hard te heid yir Sco'ish accent. Aye ca' tell t'was ye tha mooment ye oopened yir mooth.

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How to Train Your Dragon. USA. 2010.

Rating: Eight and a half out of ten.
3D-ness: Eight and a half out of ten.


tina said...

thanks for convincing me to watch this movie :) i *want* to watch it, but i've been iffy about the plot. it looks like your regular zero-to-hero type of fantasy, doesn't it? anyway, i'll take your 3d geek's word for it that the movie's good :P

Watch it. In 3D. It's good. Hehe.

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