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Glee. Season 1, Episode 10: Ballad

We don't get to see Sue Sylvester in this episode. Finn and Puck are jerks. Kudos to Mercedes for putting Puck in his place. But Mercedes explicitly admits that the loser kids' lives revolve around the popular ones so that's more loser-y. Plus, though I don't like Juno, that film did a better job on handling teen pregnancy messages than Glee could. Glee is so preachy. And when they talk about teen pregnancy, I want to laugh. Or sleep. Mostly sleep. It has been consecutive episodes of these teenagers bitching around about pregnancy, and bitching is fun when it's funny. Here, it's not even dramatic, just annoying. Still, the sub-story, the teacher-student relationship was funny and showed Will's acting capability. But Glee should really stop with the homophobic jokes. Kurt does not deserve to be token funny. He should be token adorable. Because he goddamn is. Plus, we don't get to see Sue Sylvester in this episode.


This is one of my favorite episodes, simply because I loved the "Endless Love" duet, and I loved their faces while they were singing it. Will is really funny.

And also, they played The Police's "Don't Stand so Close to Me". Even though it was mashed up with some song I didn't know, they still played Sting. I ♥ Sting.

And true, we don't get to see Sue Sylvester in this episode.

Claire said...

Uu, anggaleng ni Will dun. Yung sabay na pagkanta and the confused, irked out expression. Tapos voice overs ng iba't ibang characters. Lalo na kay Puck. ^^ Mas nakaka-aliw pa yung substory kaysa sa main dish. :P

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