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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Okay, I'll just do this in (silver) bullets. (That's a pun--you know, werewolves.)

  • I've never watched Twilight the movie, but I have read Twilight the book. And I think to appreciate the movie more, I should've seen Twilight the movie first.
  • I loved the action sequences. I mean, they're in a semi-podunk town called Forks, where the only action they get is cliff diving. And maybe random rides with bearded bikers. So of course, a vampire-werewolf face-off is always welcome.
  • I think that the werewolves' ability to keep warm is a lame-o excuse to keep showing their bodies and their six-packs. "It's a wolf thing." I mean, seriously, come on. I understand them having tattoos. But them wearing identical shorts and shoes? And no shirts? The only ones who enjoyed this were the young girls in the movie theater. Because I certainly didn't.
  • Kristen Stewart is a traitor. A traitor is someone who doesn't catch your attention at first, but little by little, you realize that she is actually beautiful. The realization slowly creeps up on you, and hits you when you least expect it. My realization hit me around the twenty minute mark. I hate traitors.
  • I loved Ashley Greene. She played Alice Cullen. It must be her hair. But I googled her, and realized she doesn't look as pretty in other hairstyles as she did in her Alice Cullen hair.Which was actually a wig.
  • I ♥ Dakota Fanning. All those who thought Dakota Fanning was an alien when she was a kid, raise their hand. I admit, I found her creepy when she was young. Simply because she was a really terrific actor at that young and tender age. But now, after seeing New Moon, I have concluded that she is not an alien, and that she is all grown up now.

And of course, there will be no ravings about that guy who played Jacob. Nor will there be any ravings about Robert Pattinson, the guy who played Edward Cullen. Because I. Am. Edward. Cullen.

*some info from IMDb
pic from news.bbc.co.uk

The Twilight Saga: New Moon. USA. 2009.

Rating: Seven out of ten.
Kristen Stewart: Eight out of ten.
Dakota Fanning: Nine out of ten.

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Words cannot express my dislike for Twilight...
The only reason I would go to that film is to go in front of the audience and say "I'll show you a new moon..." And then moon them all.

Hahahaha! If I actually saw you do that, I'm sure I would remember your mooning more than the movie.

Claire said...

If you watched the first Twilight movie, I think you'd find the sequel more appalling. I was ready to defend the sequel, but for the love of any higher being... UGH. http://ireadsmut.multiply.com/reviews/item/23

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