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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

How do you classify Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Is it a TV show made for Internet? Is it a short film made for Internet? Am I sounding like a cheesy ad? Or am I sounding like your high school teacher who does not really know how to teach, and stalls around to get a minuscule of a point out.

The minuscule of a point is this:

Even the Emmy's awarding Dr. Horrible do not know where to put it.

For the record, the Emmy's do not know what the hell they were doing. If they were actually genuine, Joss Whedon would have won an Emmy a long long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. And not just for the technical effects of his groundbreaking shows.

Ooops, fangirl mode resists to be turned off. I shall take a breather and let's just talk about Neil Patrick Harris.

Okay. Okay. I'm calm again and I shall refuse to succumb to incoherent fangirlism typing the usual "asdaasafsdkfjskdjflakjfa."

Okay. Neil Patrick Harris.

If Whedon is not your cup of tea, you might probably check this Dr. Horrible for NPH. He's NPH, dude. My straight man-friends have a crush on him. They'll probably like NPH better as that guy in How I Met Your Mother, the one named after the purple dinosaur, but who cares? It's NPH. He nails his character with his usual charm even more effectively as the dorky guy who wants to be a supervillain. He is perfect as Dr. Horrible--from dorky to sympathetic to lovable to hawtness to even yes, evil. I think NPH should win an award for nailing the song "Slipping." It was creepy, tragic, bad-ass, and cute. All at the same time. I don't think anyone could pull it off better than NPH.

Oh, did I mention this is a musical? Do I even need to mention that with a title screaming "Sing-Along"?

But if Whedon, NPH, and musicals are still not your cups of tea, then watch it for Nathan Fillion. Which I would find weird because you would probably love Nathan Fillion if you have been watching Whedon's work. And I don't know (or remember) why some people think that Fillion can't act. He was fantastic as the ultra-misogynist priest-like Caleb in Buffy. He was fantastic as the funny-yet-studdly Captain Mal in Firefly. And in Dr. Horrible, he nailed the cheesy, charming, laughable, know-it-all, big brother-like bully Captain Hammer--the superhero, yet clearly the antagonist, and Dr. Horrible's Archnemesis.

But if still, you don't like or know whatever and whoever I'm talking about, goddamn search the fartherst of the earth and find a way to watch this brilliant piece. Just because it's funny. And if funny is still not your cup of tea, god, what is wrong with you people? Dr. Horrible is the exemplar of what funny should be, the kind of funny that actually holds tragedy as tragedy should be, the kind of funny that is sustained all throughout the scenes where funny should not be--not the kind of funny that just uses curse words to get their point and passion out, like "goddamn" errr, right.

But if you still wouldn't watch it because of the points I have raised above, just please, watch it just because I am begging you. You can even watch it just so you can tell me how wrong I am. That NPH is not cute, that Fillion is a bad actor, and Whedon sucks. Of course, I would probably kill you with that last bit on Whedon, but I made you watch! And somehow, with that, I healed the word and made it a better place.


Anonymous said...

The commentary track on the DVD, "Commentary!: The Musical" is also another reason to watch Dr. Horrible.

I'm just saying.

Claire said...

Yes yes yes! I have to steal my friend's DVD until I get money to buy one myself.

Anonymous said...

Is the DVD now available locally? Where? I've had to (*ahem*), find other avenues of listening to the commentary and watching this again.

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