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Glee. Season 1, Episode 9: Wheels

At least episode 8 was funny. If they continue on like this, the hype shall fail to sustain the audience's entertainment. Or maybe not. As Dr. Horrible said, some people can be like sheep-ple. And that's a funnier joke than the funniest joke in this episode. The choreography is at least fantastic as usual. Sue Sylvester is still lovable even if the show is toning down her edge. At last they took out the annoying wife versus the obsessive-compulsive fangirl for one episode but can we have more more LESS of Rachel, Quinn, Finn, and Noah for just one episode? MYGAWD. Please. I am so getting sick of their woes. They get so much airtime that this just counters the show's preaching of we-are-weird-people-hooray! It's still about teh popular kids. And this was supposed to be an episode about Artie, the handicapped kid. And he was damn good in his musical number, yes, but if this is an episode about him, give him freaking more air time. The popu kids stole so much airtime they had to squeeze Artie's love story into... nothing. Artie, what Tina did is yes, in a way, wrong. But you don't love someone just because that person has disabilities. And don't get me started on the gay and handicapped messages they're sending. Again, they could have handled it much more properly. Like they should have with the song "Defying Gravity". And that was the only thing I was sure they'd get right. Shame on you, Glee. To make up for it, I suggest a dream sequence where Will and Sue have sex.


or if the pop kids get beaten up by a stick or if they put in a story on Mike and his dance skillz.

Claire said...

i want the beaten up by a stick. ^^

Unknown said...

I agree about the airtime. Even the other members of the club weren't even given like a backstory to, well, have their characters developed.

Take the other Asian guy. I wish they could even out the airtime partitions ala Skins.

Claire said...

Yeah. Quinn actually nailed it by saying they're just props swaying in the background. -.- And they're almost halfway through the season already.

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