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Monty Python's Life of Brian

Consistent with my view on seventies flicks, Monty Python's Life of Brian seemed avant-garde enough. But not because the church wanted it banned, like all flicks with the word "Jesus Christ!" and "Fuck!" in it. I felt it was advanced for its time because of the heavier theme of revolutionary groups' pitfalls. It follows Brian (duh) who was mistaken for the Messiah and found himself joining one group of supposed revolutionaries against the Romans and ended up getting caught and singing a catchy tune in the end. That wasn't my joke, it's the movie's. (Meaning it happened in the movie, you do get that right?) Thinking about it now, the religious stuff might have been a cover-up for its true controversial content.

But then again, knowing an iota on Marx is only a crime in this country--where the military brainwashes unsuspecting happy villagers to act like American rednecks, dissing or setting fire to communists. I haven't met an American redneck though, so what the hell do I know?


I make jokes about people on fire. I can't believe I still have a hangover from the movie. Or maybe it was that research I did earlier today on Human Rights Violations.


Whatever. When you're bombarded with so many depressing data on who's oppressing who, and how many gallons of blood have been shed because all of the oppressing going on, the only way to stay sane is to make stupid, politically incorrect jokes about it and pass it off as parody or satire--depending on the boat you want to float.

And that, my imaginary friends, is the beauty of Life of Brian. It ranges from serious to silly. Plus it is smart enough to know that great jokes come from great tragedies. And what's more tragic than the actual life of Brian?---Of course, the pitfalls of revolutionaries.



♫ Always look on the bright side of life (I don't know how to whistle, so I can't do the whistling thing).♪

Okay, um, do you have a DVD of this film? Can I borrow it? :-D

Claire said...

dvd's not mine. again, guess whose.. xp

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