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What If...

What if...what if...what if...what if...what if...

what if, for the third Transformers sequel, they decided to kill off Optimus Prime (noooo!), and everyone found out that Optimus wasn't the last Prime, and they discovered that there was another living Prime whose name was Hot Rod, and that Hot Rod would eventually become Rodimus Prime, and Mr. Judd Nelson who did the voice of Hot Rod in the 1986 animated film volunteered to do the voice of Hot Rod in the Michael Bay version, and that Judd Nelson really needed a break like this because a lot of people think his last movie was The Breakfast Club, and that Michael Bay agreed because he felt sorry for Judd Nelson and wanted to help him restart his career?

Wouldn't that be really cool?


ordinaryobserver said...

is there any way to answer this other than with a "yes?"

tina said...

rodimus prime = eww. optimus prime forever. :D

what if it was ultramagnus who became the last prime? then he would be...ultraprime? magnaprime? ultimus prime? bleh. XP hehe.

@ordinaryobserver: Well, you can say, "No, because I don't like Judd Nelson, and I wish they would get Bruce Springsteen to voice Hot Rod." :))

@tina: Yes, I agree. Optimus Prime forever. A voice like that should never die. Hahaha.

Teluete said...

Rodimus Prime plox! XD Then when he gets the matrix of leadership, kakanta si Stan Bush ng, "You got the touch! You got the powerrrr!"

Oh, wait... XD

^Um, what's "plox"? Sorry can't keep up with the intarwebz haha.

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