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Echelon Conspiracy


This movie is about a machine, a super-computer, that becomes too intelligent for the United States to handle, and thus must be stopped.

Ho-hum. I've seen that plot countless times before. No wonder the Los Angeles Times calls this "a poor man's Eagle Eye."

And one important lesson I learned from this movie: A-list actors do not equal a good movie. Not even Shane West, Ving Rhames, Edward Burns, or Martin Sheen can save this.

You can always tell when a director is a newbie. Somehow they are not yet that fluent with the language of cinema. Okay, so you have crane shots, and spectacular helicopter shots. Big deal. And because of that, Mr. Director, I shall not mention your name. You and that guy who played Yuri the hacker.

And why are the espionage scenes always set in Prague? Who ever said that Prague is the spy capital of the world?

So how did they stop Echelon the Super-computer? The lamest deus ex machina ever.

Just like this entire movie. Lame-O.

*some info from IMDb
pic from Los Angeles Times

Echelon Conspiracy. USA. 2009.

Rating: Four out of ten.


hahha... will definitely not watch this movie..im rooting for some hp actions this july 17..heheheh

Yes don't watch this. And yes, let's go Potter! And then Public Enemies after that. Haha.

tina said...

maybe it's in the title. echelon conspiracy sounds like a science fiction c-movie. ugh. =_=

^Haha so there's a C-Movie? And this is worse than a B-Movie?

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