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Monday, July 15, 2013

Hollywood Icons: James Gandolfini

Tony Soprano, during the days when he had no criminal record.

Most people will remember Jim Gandolfini for only one role: as mobster Tony Soprano in HBO's series The Sopranos. But even that single iconic role has had a big influence on me. I've referenced him in both spoken word and written poems. I've designed my family name to resemble The Sopranos logo.


Writing my first full-length screenplay, I included a red Chevrolet Suburban as an important element, because Tony Soprano drove a red Suburban.

"I was driving a white truck in the latter seasons."

One shouldn't be surprised at Mr. Gandolfini's demise. Go and marathon The Sopranos, and you'll see him growing bigger from Season 1 up to the end.

James John Gandolfini. 18 September 1960 ─ 19 June 2013.

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