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Film Icons: Mario O'Hara

NPPA Images via Yahoo!

Mario O'Hara is one of the most famous names in Philippine cinema, particularly because his name O'Hara sounds very much American. That's because he does have American blood; his grandfather was an Irish-American Thomasite. But other than that, he's Filipino, through and through.

Although no local filmmaker has successfully crossed over to Hollywood, Mario O'Hara and Lino Brocka were the first tag team to conquer Cannes. The film was Insiang, written by O'Hara and directed by Brocka, and went on to introduce local filmmakers to the greener pastures of the European festival circuits.

O'Hara's background is diverse, with a career spanning the eras of radio, television, theater, and film. And although his body of work is not filled with as much awards and accolades as one would expect, Mario O'Hara will always be remembered for being a genuinely nice person on and off camera, which is something of a rarity in an industry filled with arrogant douchebags.

Rest in peace, Direk Mario.

Mario Herrero O'Hara. 20 April 1946─26 June 2012.


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