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Film Icons: Dolphy


No one can doubt this man's contribution to Philippine cinema. His performing career began way back in 1945 on the vaudeville stage. And from there he moved on to radio, film, and television, and his name has since become synonymous with comedy.

Dolphy's brand of humor may contain some slapstick elements such as hitting someone on the head with a rolled-up newspaper, but those are just remnants of the vaudeville era. Dolphy's comedy stems from his wit, and his lightning-quick comebacks. But what most people don't know is that Dolphy is more than a comedian─he is a true performer. He has pushed the envelope on straight guys performing gay roles, both on the funny and the serious ends of the spectrum, years before Hollywood hunks began dabbling with onscreen homosexuality.

It doesn't matter which generation you belong to; one way or another, Dolphy was a part of it. He was a true artist, and you can see his influence in the styles of Tito, Vic, and Joey, who in turn have directly influenced a whole new generation of comedians. I used to think the title "King of Comedy" was an exaggeration, a mere sign of respect for this man's years in showbusiness. I was wrong. No one deserves that title more.

Rodolfo "Dolphy" Vera Quizon, Sr. 25 July 1928─10 July 2012.


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