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UFC 142

Just seen a replay of this shit. So, as Mike Goldberg says, here we go!

Edison Barbosa VS Terry Etim

The 1st round almost belonged to Etim with his crisp striking, fancy footwork, and takedown. But due to Barbosa's whipping leg kicks, Terry Etim began thinking twice about standing and banging with Barbosa.

The 2nd round was more of the same, with Barbosa punishing Etim with more leg kicks. But the defining moment of this fight was the Barbosa KO. It was the first time that I've ever seen a spinning heel kick KO. And true enough, it was the first ever in the UFC! Nice victory for the hometown hero!

Only Chun-Li does that shit!

Erick Silva VS Carlo Prater

This fight was faster than a rabbit cumming. Erick Silva's UFC debut (which was also in Brazil) took him less than a minute. And now it just took him 29 seconds to finish off Prater, with a straight punch and a knee, plus finishing hammer fists.

It could've been better with this guy's music playing in the background.

The controversial thing was that referee Mario Yamasaki called it a disqualification for Erick Silva due to the fact that he was hitting the back of the head. I say fuck that shit! The instant replay clearly showed that all but one hammer fist hit the headside.

Yamasaki's decision.

Mike "The Master Of Disaster" Massenzio VS Rousimar "Toquinho" Palhares

After an initial "feeling out" process, Palhares gave Massenzio a low blow. The ref gave Mike a moment to gather himself. But after the short rest, Palhares just shot for Mike's leg and locked it like a vault. Man these fights are short! Just like Palhares.

They don't call him the tree stump for nothin'!

Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort VS Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

Vitor's one of my favorites, if not my favorite MMA fighter of all time. Never had much love for Rumble to begin with. So I'd be lying if I say that this fight analysis ain't biased.

Plus, he's a juicer!

In reality, this is a big step up in competition for Rumble. Vitor can rain down KO punches, plus a million punches more. He is the longest active fighter in the UFC, and has been fightin' in the octagon since ninety-fuckin'-seven! And even with all that experience, the guy's just 34!

Vitor's taken down early in the first. But of course, Rumble's the better wrestler. Though the ref stood 'em up due to inactivity. When they stood up, Vitor's right eye was swelling because of a power shot he received when he was lying down.. After the stand-up, it was a strike fest. That was when Vitor caught Rumble with punches 'til they ended up on the ground once again, and he caught Rumble with a rear-naked choke. Another 1st round finish!

Potential future-former champ.

Jose Aldo VS Chad "Money" Mendes

Chad's gonna be the best wrestler that Jose Aldo is ever gonna face. But the champion is the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet right now, with the best takedown defense percentage and strikes landed in UFC history. So even with Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City" as his walk out tune, Mendes will find himself in hell.


And it was hell indeed! After a couple of leg kicks from Mendes, he received some from Aldo, and those leg kicks were in a whole 'nother level of hurt. You could see Mendes wincing everytime he received those damaging leg kicks.

Football could really turn anyone
into an excellent leg kicker, obviously.

That's when Mendes turned to his wrestling. But no amount of wrestling pedigree can stop the onslaught that is Jose Aldo. After clinching Aldo against the fence with his back turned to him, Aldo suddenly reversed and served Chad a right knee to the chin which crumpled Mendes in an instant. Like a shark smelling blood, he swarmed on Mendes. After about two or three punches, it was all over before the first round ended.

Like Syd Barrett's  career, it was
all over almost before it began. 

After the finish, Jose just stormed out of the cage, and into the sea of Brazilian fans. I believe that's another first, with security personnel trying to protect Aldo and bring him back to the octagon for the mandatory post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. What a crazy night of fights!. It couldn't get any wilder than this folks!

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