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New Girl. Episode 9: "The 23rd"

Only Schmidt can get this kind of reaction from everyone.

Candy Cane Corner and Sexy/Dirty Santa + a breakup (or two) = Laugh-out-loud and "a-dork-ward-ly" lines. Add a bit of this little guy on top and—okay, fine—his very-pregnant mom (a.k.a. Schmidt's boss) and the episode just overdosed on cute.

He reminds me of the Jerry McGuire kid.

And there's more icing on the cake—this one just warms your heart for the holidays.

She and Him singing in the background seals the deal.

P.S. My holiday wish for New Girl is...

...that the Douchebag Jar (bottom left) gets its rightful spotlight next year.

•screencaps courtesy of VLC, except for the third photo which I got from Tumblr.


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