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New Girl. Episode 8: "Bad in Bed"

New Girl and Mac Guy S&M Porn Teaser Trailer.

Again with a new opening sequence—a new cut this time. This might be the better choice. Just make up your mind, guys.

This show tackle sex in the same manner it does all other things like romance and roommates...

...and baby showers, I guess.

I think the ideal sex episode should be a balance of the adorkable (Jess), the supermodel (Cece), the real (Nick), the over-achiever (Winston) , and the flair (Schmidt). I think it focuses too much on the adorkable. But she is the star of the show, so.

It should've been alright, I guess—without that line!
This is a crappy-shit haircut, Nick. Seriously.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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