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The 2009 Top 12

Continuing the tradition of last year's Top 12 films, Da Couch Tomato again gives another recap of this year's Top 12.

Some films should've been on this list, but are not. Like Filipino indie films, for instance. Last Supper No. 3 would've tied for Number 1, and Dinig Sana Kita would've also tied for Number 4. I've decided to scrap them because independent films shouldn't be judged side-by-side with mainstream Hollywood cinema, as they use totally different standards. Zombieland would've tied for Number 4, but it wasn't released in the Philippines in 2009 (hello, Halloween). Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kieme would've also tied for Number 4, but the thing is, the Hollywood reviews far outnumber the local ones, and it would be unfair to pit them in the same category. If we had watched more Filipino films, then there would probably be more Filipino films in the Top 12.

Which is why this Top 12 has sadly become a Top 12 list of Hollywood movies for 2009. I am honestly ashamed of this, as I would very much like to saturate myself with local movies, like a true Filipino moviegoer. And so our New Year's resolution is to...watch more Filipino films. (But I've already said that last year...)

And again, this list is limited to 1) Hollywood films, 2) reviewed in Da Couch Tomato, and 3) released in Philippine theaters in 2009. By the way, you can click on the title to read the original review.

12. Star Trek

J.J. Abrams: You. Rock. And this film has established the new Hollywood doctrine: Prequels are the new sequels. George Lucas may have done it first, but J.J. Abrams did it better.

11. A Christmas Carol

We do not just applaud director Robert Zemeckis for a truly delightful and faithful retelling of the Charles Dickens classic. We salute him for his dedication to the development of the art of motion-capture. Like Nikola Tesla, critics may laugh at him now, but they will be kissing his ass in the near future when motion-captured performances become better than the real thing, and biological actors become obsolete.

10. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This should win an award for "Darkest Harry Potter Film Ever". Although we would've preferred it if they showed us tons of action, and the bloodiest fight scene ever in the wizarding world. Well, they attempted. But it just wasn't bloody enough for us.

9. Terminator Salvation

This movie did not make it to the Top 12 because it's a sci-fi flick, or because it's a sort of prequel (the timeline is all messed up) to the Terminator series. It's on this list because Sam Worthington was great here, and Christian Bale was in it. That's how much we love Christian Bale.

8. Up

This isn't really surprising. You can expect a Pixar film in the Top 12 every year. Pixar has never yet let us down. The minute Pixar releases a crappy movie, I'm switching to DreamWorks Animation.

7. This is It

For those who have never watched a live Michael Jackson concert, this would probably be the closest thing. Although it's not really a full movie concert, but more of a behind-the-scenes type of documentary. But still, I'd prefer the behind-the-scenes intimacy over pyrotechnics any day. Especially with an artist like Michael.

6. Jennifer's Body

Recent studies have shown that sex doesn't really sell anymore. The new generation of moviegoers do not get excited anymore with huge tits and sexual innuendos. And this film is on the list because of Claire's Amanda Seyfried (that's Claire for you), and not because of Megan Fox.

5. Inglourious Basterds

Because we love Tarantino, and we love World War II. Although this isn't historically accurate, the production design and the brilliant acting of Christoph Waltz make this a must-see. Apart from the fact that it's Tarantino's latest in a long time.

4. District 9

The storytelling uses the "fake documentary" style, which I think will become popular in the coming decade. I refrain from using the word "mock-umentary" because "mock" tends to make the whole movie seem like a joke. So if I may coin the word "fake-umentary". But I'm sure my newly-coined word will not catch on, and will die a natural death.

3. The Hangover

Comedies have not really been taken seriously, except if it's done by Woody Allen. But this film belongs to the new breed of Hollywood comedies, similar to the Judd Apatow brand of humor. Let's go cerebral comedy!

2. Avatar. 3D

Again, I shall never tire of saying this: 3D is the future of cinema. For emphasis, let's say that again in boldface: 3D. Is. The. Future. Of. Cinema. Like Robert Zemeckis, James Cameron's development of 3D technology will put him at par with the other filmmaker-innovators before him. And I honestly thought this would land the Number One spot this year, like U2 3D the year before.

And finally, the best film of 2009 is...

1. (500) Days of Summer

Okay, I never expected a rom-com to outrank a 3D film. Not in my entire life. But damn, this is just one brilliant film. The non-linearity of the narrative is excellent, the soundtrack was good (especially the use of a Hall and Oates song), and the narrator had a very sexy voice. And of course, Zooey Deschanel made my heart melt. But somehow...I think I like Autumn better.

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Claire said...

1. I just converted someone for Team Zooey from Team Katy. HAHAHA. I used the same description, of Zooey making hearts melt. c: I liked Zooey better in Yes Man, haha, medyo bitch siya sa last part ng 500 days e. :p

2. Dreamworks is also my second option. Though I doubt Pixar would do anything less. I'm excited about toy story 3. :D

3. Kinilig ako when I saw Amanda Seyfried on the list. Seriously. Haha!

Anonymous said...

no.1 is overrated

1. Do you want to write a Team Zooey v. Team Katy post? Hahaha. Note to self: Must watch Yes Man.

2. Do you want to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D? Hehehe. There's also a special Toy Story 1 and 2 back-to-back special, also in 3D. Two movies for the price of one. Hahaha lakas mambuyo e 'no.

3. Eh antaas kasi ng rating na binigay mo sa YOUR Amanda Seyfried. [-(

@Anonymous: I honestly would've wanted Avatar 3D to win. I ♥ 3D. But this list is based on the rating given to all the films, and Number One, well, got Number One.

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