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Baron Geisler Farts at My Mom

This was during the last day of the wake of the late Johnny Delgado.

MOM -- My mother
TITA -- My aunt, my mom's cousin
FRIEND -- BARON GEISLER's female friend

Outside the chapel. Two benches, separated by a potted plant in between.

From left to right: On the first bench, FRIEND, then BARON GEISLER. Then the plant. Then MOM, then TITA.

MOM and TITA are chatting with each other, as are BARON GEISLER and FRIEND. They do not see each other because of the potted plant.

Suddenly MOM hears an unmistakable, very loud farting sound. Not just one fart, but three successive farts, one long, followed by two short ones. (Proooooooot...prooot...prooot)

Ay ano ba 'yun?

(who also heard it) Onga, ano 'yun?

(looks out from behind the plant, then sees MOM and TITA) Ay! Sorry po! Kala ko po walang tao e. (points to FRIEND) Ito po kasi o, ka-babaeng tao, anlakas umutot.

Hoy ano ka, ikaw kaya 'yun!

BARON GEISLER and FRIEND stand up laughing, then leave.

Si kuwan 'yun, 'di ba...si Baron Geisler?

Oo mare. Inututan ka ni Baron Geisler.


*pic from abs-cbn.com


tina said...

that's sad. :|

Chonx said...

kailangan pa talaga i-spell out hahaha. "Oo mare. Inututan ka ni Baron Geisler."

@tina: Really? I found it funny. Haha.

@Chonx: Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

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