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Year One

Good thing I didn't watch this in the cinema. It would've been a waste of money.

Three words: This. Movie. Sucked.

If it wasn't for Jack Black, I wouldn't even have watched this.

The good: Jack Black. And Olivia Wilde. Okay, and Oliver Platt, because he was so gross.

The bad: Michael Cera, for looking like a girl, and for having only one acting style. Hank Azaria, for sounding like the sea captain from The Simpsons. The misplaced Biblical references. And the Americanization of ancient civilizations. Ugh. Please.

The ugly: The whole damn movie.

*some info from IMDb
pic from msoto.wordpress.com

Year One. USA. 2009.

Original rating: Two out of ten.
Jack Black: One point.
Olivia Wilde: One point.
Final rating: Four out of ten.


ordinaryobserver said...

It's one of those movies where you just have to turn your brain off.

Totally agree.

tina said...

+1 kay jack black. yun lang din yung rason ko para panoorin 'to. XP

@tina: Troh. Jack Black.

@gab: Onga, History of the World! You know too many eighties films for your age. Hahaha! Mehganon.

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