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Pushing Daisies. Season 2, Episode 8: Comfort Food

The episode explores the evaded morality question of Ned's power once again. When Ned let Chuck live for more than a minute, somebody else died in Chuck's place making Ned, well, a homicidal killer. They walked on egg shells in the first season, trying to establish that the guy Ned had "accidentally" killed is a thief anyway. Then they tried to leave it at that. This time, Chuck tricked Ned into letting her dead father live for more than a minute, and somebody else died in her father's place. Which is a good twist when it's revealed to the audience who that somebody was (great establishment, etc.), yes, but another justification of "Well, the guy's evil anyway, so it's okay to 'accidentally' kill him." However this time, we get to discuss it more with Chuck's vivid imagination and guilt. Making it seem like a fun, happy fairy tale still consists of fun, happy, blurry lines of good and evil. Also, watch this episode as Olive does a musical once again. Ned and Olive shippers are far more understandable than Ned and Chuck. Another note on why Ned is so cute: he's so awkward and has this very reluctant smile.

(This is an innovation by Claire, where television shows are reviewed per episode instead of per season. And I shall dub it "microreview". --SL)


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