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Last Supper No. 3

I heart indie films.

Let's break it down.

Screenplay: Check. This was based on a true story. And it shows, really. You can also tell that the director is familiar with legalese. She revealed that she spent two years in law school. And she was sensitive enough to bring the highfalutin legal concepts down to the level of the average moviegoer.

Directing: Check. Veronica Velasco is now my favorite female director. Her storytelling style is actually a dead giveaway that although this may be her first solo stint, she has undoubtedly been doing this for a loooong time.

Cinematography: Check. I knew cinematographer Mo Zee back when he was still Moises Zee (and that was a loooong time ago). And his lighting here is very commendable.

Acting: Check. Check. Check. Ad infinitum. Oh yes, this film would not have worked without the brilliant actors involved. Ms. Debraliz Valasote did not shine too much in this film, but perhaps that was the director's intent for her character. Beverly Salviejo, on the other hand, was brilliant. And when she revealed that she had to really tone down her acting (like way, way down), that was even more brilliant. Jojit Lorenzo is excellent as the despicable Gareth, and acting like a jerk seems to come quite naturally to him. That young hot lawyer was really cute, but she's too small for me. But she's cute. But she's small. But she's cute. And of course, Joey Paras in the lead role is simply wonderful.

And let us not forget the A-list actors who agreed to do a cameo. Bravo to these mainstream stars, who are not hesitant to grace the independent screen with their presence. Mark Meily as a judge=win. Ricky Davao as a cop=double win. And Ms. Maricel Soriano as a court empoyee=triple win. I heart you, Marya.

This film made me think a lot about independent filmmaking as a legitimate school of thought. And the only possible problem that occured to me was that the true essence of independent filmmaking is not yet known even to the independent filmmakers themselves. And if not careful, there will come a time sooner or later when independent cinema will eventually merge with the mainstream, thus eradicating the independent school altogether. Independent cinema has a different soul. Preserve it. By all means necessary.

Meanwhile, let us congratulate the winner for Cinemalaya Best Picture 2009. And let's hope this is not Ms. Veronica Velasco's last supper, as I would definitely keep track of her career.

P.S. Boo to the world wide web for not having high-res pics from this film.

*pic from pinoyindiefilms.com

Last Supper No. 3. Philippines. 2009.

Rating: Nine out of ten.
Marya's cameo: Nine out of ten.


I really enjoyed the movie too -- and thanks for the tidbits (I skipped the press conference after the screening). I agree about Debraliz, but I think that was the funniest part of her role -- that someone "normally" talkative and loud was reduced to watching TV with the same advertisement playing over and over...

9 out of 10 on Maricel Soriano's cameo too!

^Hooray! *searches for Maricel Soriano on Facebook* Hahaha!

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