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Pushing Daisies. Season 2, Episode 9: The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

This is an episode where I am reminded of a persistent reminder for the brainless critics of the show: "Look, if you think this show's going to be realistic, you've got to be fucking kidding me." Look at the dead bodies, for chrissakes. And if brainless critic still doesn't get that, go watch Beauty and the Geek for your dose of fairy tale. (I am still in shock with the amount of brainless Pushing Daisies critics at imdb.com, sorry.) Moving on, the Emerson/Olive duo is always such a treat. Episodes focusing on them are always three times as funny. In the sidelines are Ned/Chuck trying to win over a head-strong Daddy, replacing the Big Mystery/Big Bad which I think is very Angelus replacing Spike as the Big Bad in Season 2 of Buffy. If you don't get my reference, watch Buffy. I like this episode because they get to justify why it's not un-feminist of Chuck to stay with Ned. That she's not a princess locked in some tower. I like the justification, but I don't believe it. But it works since I won't have the show if they don't stay together.


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